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Breast Cancer Awareness

Are you ready to Think Pink?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets underway in October. Are you aware of its link to your weight? We’re in for a wave of pink…

Skin Problems and Obesity

What’s Happening to my Skin?

A Variety of Skin Problems are Linked to Obesity Anyone who has been overweight for a good part of his or her life is…

cause of obesity

Getting to the Root Causes of Obesity

– By Andrea M. Pampaloni,  Ph.D. Some people who have never struggled with weight issues might think that being overweight or obese reflects a…

Why is my Diet Not Working?

Why is my Diet Not Working?

– By Andrea M. Pampaloni,  Ph.D. At any given time, close to 25 percent of Americans, primarily women, are on some type of diet.…

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