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Take your Life in a

New Direction.

New Direction Program Weight Loss Products

New Direction is an exciting “state of the science” medically-supervised weight management program that provides optimal nutrition and comprehensive support to help you safely achieve your weight loss goals.


Scientifically designed to provide a complete balance of essential nutrients for safe and effective weight loss.

36 lbs.

in 12 weeks

Patients who actively participated in a 12-week medically-supervised program have lost an average of 36 pounds.*


New Direction Meal Replacement Products are consistently ranked among the most delicious on the market.

Our Program is Designed for Your Success. New Direction Weight Loss Journey
  • Simplified meal plans to meet your essential nutritional requirements along with a wide variety of options to satisfy your food preferences
  • Nutrition and exercise tools to provide you with practical and proven methods to achieve the benefits of a healthy weight ­­ — and keep it off
  • Our behavior education program helps provide the lifestyle skills necessary to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life
  • A cutting edge, personalized mobile app to easily track your progress! This HIPAA compliant interface connects with other devices and allows you to enter meals, hydration and exercise, make appointments and stay connected to your provider via video chat
New Direction Delivers Results. New Direction Weight Loss Journey

Bill weighed nearly 500 pounds when he started his weight loss journey. He has lost an astonishing 226 pounds in 250 days.

After constantly struggling with her weight, Mary-Helene (“MH”) Taylor lost 85 pounds on the New Direction Program and was able to come off all of her blood pressure medications.

Uniquely Designed Meal Replacements.
New Direction Weight Loss Journey
  • A wide variety of great tasting products, including shakes, bars, snacks, soups and more
  • 100% of the daily value of vitamins and minerals
  • High quality proteins that will help you feel fuller throughout the day
  • A unique combination of complex carbohydrates and beneficial fibers to help support healthy blood glucose levels and insulin balance
  • The nutritional balance of the products is designed to help protect lean muscle mass and burn excess body fat
  • Prebiotic and probiotic ingredients help benefit intestinal health, immunity and reduce bloating
New Direction Program Products
Doctor Recommended. New Direction Weight Loss Journey

“New Direction Advanced program is a new and exciting tool I use to help my patients achieve their goals. It goes far beyond the typical program that promises quick, but short-lived weight loss. The innovative protein composition profile coupled with Robard’s comprehensive education curriculum, guidelines for medical management and wide variety of patient support materials put this program in a class of its own.”

Dr. Phillip Snider
The Guthrie Clinic

“After 20 years of outstanding patient experience with Robard new Direction meal replacements in my clinics, I am excited to implement the Advanced formulation. They took the input of the physicians and developed a product that has led to enhanced satiety, increased nutritional ketosis and overall better outcomes. With all this, they managed to maintain the excellent taste of the multiple flavors which is a key element in offering a VLCD to my patients.”

Dr. John Hernried
The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss
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